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PGS Sweatpant

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Aiming to create products that incite a curiosity for mindful consumption.

My name is Kristen, I am the owner & operator of Nube. I am a part-time C33 MBA Student at PGS. I am excited to be able to offer the PGS community some custom Nube x PGS merch. These garments are a labor of love. Each item is made from cotton pulp that is sourced from factory and mill waste in Los Angeles. The pulp is cleaned, re-processed and extruded, spun and milled into thread to then be knit and brushed into ultra soft jersey & fleece. This recycled cotton is all natural and fully biodegradable :)

At Nube, I work to create garments that can be good for the planet and people. I believe that by using recycled materials and designing to last, we can reduce the environmental impact of our products and create clothing you are proud to wear. I personally ensure that each step of the creation of Nube garments supports conditions and practices we can proudly stand behind.