that's a wrap. nube is now closed. thank you for everything <3

seattle friends - we're having a party to celebrate & toast to the closing of this chapter, we hope you can join us. info & rsvp here!

i'm not crying, you're crying.


Nube partners with artists and designers around the world to create prints inspired by the environmental crisis. For every item we sell, we give 5% of profits to that artist. 

Our hope is to not only create beautiful clothing, but to support our community by providing a canvas and a platform to spark conversation. Take some time to get to know the humans we work with. 


    As a Denver-based artist, McKenzie Parrott draws her inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her and the kindness that she sees in everyday acts. In 2020, she founded Parrott Paints as a passion project, where she focused on creating digital illustrations and custom clothing. Her mission is to create art that inspires and resonates with people on a personal level, encouraging them to see the beauty that's around them every day.

    Through her art, McKenzie aims to convey the emotions that nature evokes and to highlight its fragility. She wants to create art that not only captures the aesthetic beauty of nature but also provokes deep reflection on our relationship with ourselves, others & the environment. She believes that creativity is a powerful force that forms connections and brings joy into our lives.


    Stevie Shao is a Seattle born-and-raised illustrator and muralist whose work draws inspiration from her love of plants and animals from the region, historic illustration styles, and her Chinese background. She is passionate about local causes related to environmental stewardship, racial justice and preserving historic community roots.


    Stevie’s colorful designs feature delicate linework as well as the bold swaths of color she is known for. The Panther is a bold design symbolizing grace and power. The Butterfly is a striking illustration symbolizing transformation and resilience.



    Zoe Wodarz is a Minnesota based surface designer. Her work has developed from years of refining her fine arts foundations into the digital space with hand-drawn elements and vibrant color combinations.

    When we were dreaming up this collection with Zoe, we immediately connected on the desire to create pieces that spark joy. Creating in the height of summer we were inspired by juicy fruits, sunshine, smoothies, fun textures... and the Slice of Summer evolved from there.


    Jordan Barton is a Portland (recently moved from Phoenix) based illustrator. Her work is centered around deep and dreamy colors, exaggerated proportions, and turning feelings into shapes. She aims to give every person something to relate to and believes in a lighthearted approach to design.

    We worked with Jordan to create the Doing My Best collection in the depth of the pandemic. Jordan always surprised us with her ability to come up with new ideas and funky designs, despite the times. We had big time fun :)


    Chris is a Seattle-based creative director and designer who collaborates with meaningful organizations, creates bold brand systems, and helps foster a visually inspiring community.

    We asked Chris to design the first two prints of our new catalogue and in the process he helped us revamp our textile design method. His unique brand of creativity continues to inspire us and he pushes us to consider designs we never thought could work on apparel.