We make activewear from recycled plastic and sew it all together in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

We started Nube because we believe that being eco-friendly doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice design. So we collaborate with artists around the world to create products and prints everyone can love.


Our Process

We want to make clothing you can be excited to wear and proud to support. Our recycled fabrics use a resource that already exists (used water bottles) and creates less waste for the planet. Check out the videos below to see the steps it takes to turn a plastic bottle into your leggings. Waste to waist!

Collect ♺


Plastic bottles are collected from the US recycling system then sorted into the different types and colors of plastics. 

Break Down ⌁


The cleaned bottles are then shredded into small flakes.

Wash ⊱


Sorted bottles are washed to remove any consumer waste or dirt.

Build Up ↺


The flakes are heated up, melted, and chopped into pellets.

 Extrude ⌇


The pellets are then heated again and extruded into fine strands that are spun into recycled polyester thread.

Weave ⍭


The threads are spun into yarn and then knitted into fabric.

Finish ✂


We manufacture all of our clothing in a fair-wage sewing studio in Los Angeles, CA.



This bottle to legging process is only part of our goal of full transparency. We want you to know exactly how your clothing is made and what your purchase supports. Stay tuned for even more content surrounding our practices.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out and we’ll be happy to have a conversation.