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Nettle Nettle Nettle Nettle Nettle BUBBLE-GUM BUBBLE-GUM BUBBLE-GUM BUBBLE-GUM DISCO Disco Disco Disco Licorice Licorice Licorice Licorice


Checkered Mini

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By Zoe Wodarz

A collection that sparks joy through the nostalgia of summer.

This collection is inspired by the sweet nostalgia of summer we feel as the seasons change. It's that feeling when summer isn't even fully over, yet you're already reminiscing. We’re all about to leave summer behind, but you don’t have to, take a slice of summer with you with these bright checkers & big fruits :)

When we were dreaming up this collection, we immediately connected on the desire to create products that spark joy, the rest evolved from there. Everyone needs a little extra brightness in their day, especially as the weather changes. We hope this collection can help to bring the summer vibes with you all year round~